Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Piece of Cake

I'm going to keep this short and sweet because, well, it's ten till 8pm on the second day of school and I'm ready for bed.

1. Teaching 13 (and even 14) third graders is a piece of cake. I loved every second of yesterday and today was pretty good, too.

2. Teaching second graders isn't a piece of cake. It wasn't the hardest thing I've ever done, but teaching 13 third graders is definitely easier.

3. One of my second graders is named Erin. AND we have the EXACT SAME BIRTHDAY (well minus a few years). Anyways, I think we'll be friends.

4. All of my second graders were born after I graduated high school. I AM OLD.

5. I can't believe I taught the kids that are now 5th graders. Time has flown right on by.

6. My team is awesome.

7. I have the best and most supportive boyfriend ever. He brought me tons of snacks to take and store at school, he sent me flowers on the first day of school, he has texted me the sweetest and most encouraging things and he's offered to run errands for me this week. (Even though he doesn't get off work till after 7 himself. In fact, he's still at work now and I'm typing this from my bed.) Don't worry, I didn't let him run the errands for me. But still, amazing right? I love him.

I'm looking forward to the best year yet. :)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

"This is what I'm going to do."

My team leader from two years ago commented on my facebook-
 "Year 1 - 'Tell me what to do.' Year 2 - 'I remember doing that.' Year 3 - 'This is what I'm going to do.'"   
She's right. That's exactly how I feel and it does feel so good to not be a rookie anymore.  

I will, however, be the first to admit that I still have SO much to learn. Things are going to be different this year and my team and I will have to adjust and be flexible as we go. We'll need to compromise on many decisions to ensure we are doing what's right for our students.  

That being said, having the years under my belt helps when giving input and making decisions. I've taught in a testing grade level for two years (and student taught for a full year in 2 different grades), I've been departmentalized and self-contained, and I've worked with so many people and personalities in my short time. 

Tomorrow's the first day of school, and (let's be real) as much as I'm dreading waking up early, working long days, grading papers, and sharpening pencils, I am starting this year with a confidence I haven't had before. [I always pretended I was confident, though. :)] I am excited to get to know two new groups of sweet kiddos and to spend the year working with some fabulous ladies. I'm trying to soak up my last day of laziness before I start this crazy cycle all over again! Ready or not, ya'll.  Ready or not.

Monday, August 13, 2012


I'm excited about so many things in regards to this school year, but one of the things I am most excited about is my new team.  While it was SO hard to tell some of my favorites goodbye, I am confident that my new team can get things done.

This year we will have a 6 (wo)man third grade team with 4 gen-ed (Sydney, Stevie, Melinda, and myself) and 2 bilingual (Maggie and Gabby) classes. Melinda will be self contained and (here's where it gets complicated), Sydney, Stevie and I will be departmentalized and rotate with a 2nd grade partner. Syd and Steve will teach ELA to their 3rd grade homeroom class and a 2nd grade class and will be paired with a 2nd grade homeroom teacher that will teach math and science. I will teach math and science to my 3rd grade homeroom and a 2nd grade class and my partner is Samantha from the 2nd grade team who will teach ELA to both of our babies. Confused yet?

Although we still have some kinks to iron out, I'm really looking forward to how all of this will work out, and I really think the kids will benefit. Our 3rd grade team is obviously going to have to work closely with the 2nd grade team this year, so to kick it off, we had our first 2nd/3rd social event tonight. :)

We went to Painting with a Twist in Arlington to bond and have a good time! We were missing a few members, but a good majority of us were able to make it and a good time was had by all! Check out our paintings! We can't wait to hang them in our classrooms! :)

Ahead of the Game!

Last year and the year before, I remember seriously STRESSING out on the Thursday before school started about having things ready for Meet the Teacher night. But this year, here I am, a week and a half before Meet the Teacher night, with a room ready to go. #notsohumblebrag

I know you people don't want to hear about it, but I'm pleased. I plan on spending this week enjoying my last week of summer while exploring some center ideas and such from my bed or couch. I'll get back in my room next week when we have breaks from staff development to get some other things done.

My room has a lot of what I've done before, but I did change a few things up. Check it out, friends! :)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Time Flies

I guess I blinked or slept a little because all of a sudden I'm finding myself beginning my THIRD year of teaching. I can't really believe it myself, but ready or not- we're starting the cycle all over again. And THIS year, I'm going to have my act together. :)

I blogged my first year until about February, and somehow I totally missed all of my second year. That's probably for the best anyways. My personal life was filled with challenges. Luckily, I was blessed with the most perfect boyfriend a girl could ask for, Jason, who showed up just in time to be my strength when things weren't going quite as planned. A new school year is beginning and I have high expectations all the way around. I hope to pick the blogging back up this year so that I have a way to document the funny, sweet, and challenging moments I experience with my adorable darlin's and my super awesome new teammates throughout the school year. We'll see what my schedule allows.

This crazy adventure started 4 years ago when I began my student teaching. I student taught 1st and 3rd graders for a full year and fell head over heels in love with 3rd graders. I was lucky enough to be hired on in Grand Prairie after graduation and taught 3rd grade at Eisenhower for the 2010-2011 school year. I was on a departmentalized team and taught math/science to 40 wonderful boys and girls that will always hold a special place in my heart as my first babies. I taught 3rd grade again at Eisenhower for the 2011-2012 school year, but this time I was self contained and taught the whole kit and kaboodle to 19 spunky sweethearts. This, my friends, is my THIRD year in THIRD grade at Eisenhower and I can not tell you how good it feels to be a third year teacher. I also feel blessed to still be at Eisenhower in the same room I started in. People have been shuffled and moved all around me and I've already seen so many people I love and adore come and go. Getting to stay put has made each year just a little bit easier.

I've spent the week working in my room and it's basically ready to go. I've never felt so prepared and I can't help but hope that this is a preview of how this year will pan out. I have pictures to share soon! :)

My team is beyond amazing and deserve a whole post of their own. That'll be next!

I can't wait to use this blog to journal memories I want to have for a lifetime. I'll try to keep them coming. <3

Friday, February 4, 2011

Cabin Fever

Originally, I was scheduled to go to a training (Capturing Kid's Hearts) on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of this week.  3 days worth of substitutes had me extremely stressed out and overwhelmed.  That is a LOT to plan for and with the groups of kids this substitute would have to deal with, as much as I love them, I was afraid the sub wouldn't make it past day 1.  Besides the planning and concerns of missing 3 days, I was, in fact, looking forward to the workshop.  Some of the teachers on my team were going with me, along with Emily and Sarah, it was bound to be a wonderful learning opportunity, and a 3 day break from the classroom would definitely benefit me. I was at school until about 8:30pm Friday night working on plans and copies and knew I would be there late Monday night organizing as well.  However, on Monday afternoon, I received an email from the district explaining that that the training was cancelled due to possible inclement weather. 

I didn't know whether to be excited or bummed.  This meant I wouldn't have to stay late on Monday organizing any more or pray 3 extras prayers nightly for my poor substitute, but I was also looking forward to the training and spending some time with some of my teacher friends. 

As it turns out, the "possible inclement weather" turned into actual inclement weather late Monday night/early Tuesday morning.  At about 5am, school was officially cancelled for the day.  I spent Tuesday being lazy with my roommates.  I got all of my papers graded and my room cleaned.  We watched TV, played some games, shared some good roommate talks, and Sara made us chili for dinner.  Before we knew it, we were receiving phone calls to inform of us school cancelling again on Wednesday.

Wednesday was even lazier.  We ordered pizza and sat around.  We had some more roommate quality time and began to think probably a little too much.  I entered some of my data into spreadsheets and Emily got some grades entered.  Sara made dinner again and then we received ANOTHER phone call to inform us of school being cancelled again on Thursday. 

I think this is probably about the time we started to lose our minds.  We watched a few movies on Thursday, played some more games, ordered Jason's Deli for lunch, and once again, thought WAY too much about our lives.  We got brave enough (or stupid enough) to go to Target Thursday afternoon.  It was wonderful to get out for a little while, but one trip out and we were exhausted.  I don't know how we're ever going to be able to go back to school. We bought stuff to make bacon and waffles while we were out and Emily and I took our turn making dinner. Hah.  We got our call much earlier on Thursday about school being cancelled yet again. 

As everyone in the state already noticed, it started snowing hard at about midnight.  After watching it for a little while, I finally decided to go to sleep.  Of course, at about that time, Sara woke up and realized it was snowing and came to tell me about it.  I couldn't fall back asleep, so I decided I definitely needed to go outside and play.  The roommates joined me and we had a grand ol time at about 1am Friday morning.  :)

Today, Friday, is snow day #4 and I'm very ready to get out and do something.  I'm definitely a lounge around kind of girl, but just knowing that I CAN'T get out makes it so much worse.  Cabin fever is legit.
(I stole this from a friend.)

Another day or two or three of laziness and then hopefully we can all head back to school on Monday. :/  Is it summer yet?

Sunday, January 23, 2011


It started out as a cough.  I was coughing for a good week.  My throat didn't hurt, my nose wasn't runny, but the cough was terrible.

I went to Austin for a Kilgo workshop on Tuesday night/all day Wednesday, and the cough got worse.  I felt miserable Wednesday night and all day at school Thursday.  I planned on coming straight to the apartment and going to sleep early, but I had to go by my parents to get my school shirt to wear on Friday.  Unintentionally, I fell asleep on my bed at my parents in tears because of how miserable I felt with my school clothes, coat, purse, ID, and shoes all still on.

On Friday morning, I tossed the idea of putting in for a sub around many many times because I still felt awful.  I didn't have anything ready for a sub in my room, so I decided that I needed to go to school to at least see what I had going on.  I made some math packets, talked to my secretary, and she got me a sub by 11. Thank goodness.

I came home to my apartment to sleep my life away, and discovered I had a temperature of 102.  :/

When my sweet, loving, wonderful, amazing roommates came home, they made me go/took me to Care Now.  They did a flu test on me that came back positive. :( They gave me lots of prescriptions that I went and got filled.

$90.00 later, I woke up Saturday morning feeling SO much better.  Still not 100%, but the fever and headache and terrible cough were gone.  Just a snotty nose and a little cough.

Unfortunately, now one of my sweet, loving, wonderful, amazing roommates is sick, too.

The highlights of being around my little pumpkins all day every day! :)